Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Peter Nygard - Shocking Footage of Sweatshops

One would think that in this day and age slavery was a thing of the past. Sadly not!
Whilst shoppers rejoice at being able to fill their bags with lots of low cost clothing, the people making the clothes are still living in poverty!
This video highlights the attitudes of clothing giants like Nygard who simply see workers in the clothing industry as slaves.
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Peter Nygard Sweatshops

Peter Nygard's Private Boeing 727-17(RE) Super 27 [VP-BPZ]

Peter Nygard's Private Boeing 727-17(RE) Super 27 [VP-BPZ]

First delivered to CP Air (CF-CPN) in 1970, then leased to Nigeria Airways (N115TA) in 1977, then Fluor Corp (N4002M), then Amway Corp (N529AC), then Enterprise Aviation (N624VA), then WFBN Corp (N727PN), now with Peter Nygard International as VP-BPZ

Peter Nygard - Rags to Riches

Peter Nygard - Rags to Riches
Peter Nygard, multi-billionaire, made his fortune through the clothing industry and now lives a comfortable life in the Bahamas on his Nygard Cay resort.
With private jets and beautiful women aplenty the business mogul's life has a rags to riches storyline.
This video briefly touches on some of Nygard's attitudes towards life and business:


Pete Nygard Ranting, Shouting & Swearing at Staff in Bahamas

Pete Nygard Ranting, Shouting & Swearing at Staff in Bahamas
Peter Nygard's anger management issues have been discussed on many occasions - staff members have reported verbal assaults, bullying and even sexual harassment.
Now a video, filmed by a staff member, has been launched showing Nygard in full swing - ranting, shouting and swearing at a member of security staff in the Bahamas!
The original video was uploaded to YouTube by www.hollywoodstreetking.com but was removed due to the amount of swearing involved!!!
We've therefore taken the opportunity to 'Bleep' out the swear words so you can witness the crazy billionaire fashion designer in full swing!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Peter Nygard Boasts Immortality in Bahamas

Peter Nygard boasts immortality in Bahamas
Peter Nygard, 70-year-old fashion designer, has made crazy claims that he's trying to achieve Immortality!

Having challenged government legislation he's now launched a biotech company in the Bahamas and has scientists working on stem cell research aimed at 'reversing ageing'.
Replacing the DNA in a woman's egg with his own they have now begun growing embryonic stem cells in a petri dish.

Nygard, who thinks he's hit upon the secret of of immortality, says 'This is huge. This is a game changer.'

University Professor Arthur Schafer has been following stem cell research since scientists first cloned 'Dolly the Sheep' in the late 1990s.

“There is no magic stem cell cocktail that you can drink or inject into your arm that will make you look younger or healthier or that will help you live longer,” he said.

Stem cell science is now at risk of becoming the sole domain of rich eccentrics who wish to enhance their physical and mental abilities.


Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/peter-nygard-boasts-possible-immortality-in-bahamas-1.2555831